Healthcare Photography

Healthcare photography is all about being precise, capturing innovation.
From operating theatres to sterile labs and general practices, healthcare photography is all about precision and capturing innovation. Shooting often involves protective wear, high-pressure situations, strict time constraints and small spaces – and being able to work harmoniously with busy researchers or medical staff. It’s an exciting challenge I enjoy.

Why choose me as your healthcare photographer?

• Attention to detail – from careful pre-planning to little things that make or break health imagery such as wearing the correct gloves or ensuring benches reflect a research facility.

•Safety first - I understand the importance of adhering to your WH&S guidelines and security requirements, being aware of delicate conditions, wearing appropriate clothing and keeping camera equipment dust-free.

•Vast experience – having shot in countless labs, medical facilities and live operations over many years I have a deep understanding of how to achieve the best results for your project.

• Images for all uses – I bring expertise in all healthcare photography areas - annual reports, marketing material, brochures, web content and many other uses.


Professional healthcare photography made simple

While each client has unique requirements, here’s a guide to how I would work with you on your project:

1. Discuss requirements and provide quote for approval.

2. Solid brief and shooting schedule set out in communications before the shoot days.

3. Shoot at your health or medical facility.

4. Receive images proofs for selections.

5. Choose shots to be delivered with blemish removal, colour, contrast and lighting balance applied and uploaded to secure online storage for delivery.

6. Receive full high-resolution images that you can download securely and choose various sizes that suit your needs.

“Working fast and efficient while capturing the important details”

For a quote to discuss your healthcare photography requirements please feel free to contact me on the phone, email or complete a quote request form.

“I am here to help you produce exceptional photography”

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